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How to Avoid Foggy Glasses When Wearing a Mask

Foggy glasses…all glasses-wearers have experienced them at some point. Whether it's getting into your warm office after a long, cold commute or getting extra steamy after going for a jog, condensation on our lenses is something we've almost gotten used to.

Then, the pandemic struck, and face masks became the new normal, making you feel that you must clean foggy glasses on a regular basis. The good news is there are a few steps you can take to avoid foggy glasses and some of them are as simple as readjusting your mask or giving your glasses a good wash.


Get the Right Fit

With almost 70% of Canadians needing corrective lenses, you would think the face mask industry would be a little more aware of how wearing a mask can affect our daily life. Foggy glasses usually happen when masks that don't quite fit right allow for warm, moist air to escape from your mouth and mask and hit your much cooler glasses.

When shopping for a face mask, look for one that has a more tailored fit, especially around the nose. Some masks have fit-enhancing features such as a nose bridge or adjustable elastics which can help keep that warm breath in. If you're crafty and like to make your own masks, you can create a seal by inserting a moldable item around the nose area using basic items like a pipe cleaner, paper clip, or twist tie.


Clean with Soap and Water

Cleaning your glasses of stains and grease should be a regular part of your day and it's actually a lot simpler than most people think. Just before you put your glasses on for the day, you can wash them with a small amount of liquid hand soap and lukewarm water. Research shows that a thin layer of soap molecules forms a transparent coating that prevents fog from accumulating.

Gently rub the soap around and make sure to get right into the edges where it's easy for soap to accumulate. Air drying after is ideal, but you can also pat your lenses dry with a microfiber cloth. We also recommend cleaning your frames every few weeks to prevent dirt, grease, grime, and other germs from accumulating on your glasses.


Try Antifog Spray or Antifog Wipe Cloth

If it looks like wearing a mask is not going away any time soon, you might want to have a quick fix in your back pocket for times when foggy glasses are really impacting your vision. 

We carry sprays and wipes that coat your lenses with a see-through film to keep them from fogging up. Look for a brand that is designed for eyeglasses, so they won’t damage the protective coatings on your lenses.  At Langley Optometry we sell the special anti-fog FogBlocker wipes. Drop by our location to pick one up!


Speak to the Experts About Your Foggy Glasses

There's no need to suffer if you're struggling with foggy glasses with mask use. At Langley Optometry, our goal is to help patients of all ages to achieve optimal vision and ensure a lifetime of healthy eyes. Contact us today for an appointment and we can help you with any of your eye care needs.


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