Seven Reasons Why Designer Sunglasses Are Great Gifting Options

Sunglasses are a fun way to accessorize an outfit while also protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays.


Their versatility makes them a great gift to give a loved one. There are endless styles to choose from, but it's a good idea to invest in giving designer sunglasses for several reasons. Keep reading to learn seven top reasons why you should gift sunglasses.


1. High Quality

Not only are designer sunglasses high in fashion, but they're also high quality and will last for many years. These shades are extremely durable and come with the best lens features for eye protection.  


The sunglasses are made with strong materials and block out 100 percent of UV rays which is critical in preventing eye diseases such as macular degeneration which can lead to vision loss. 


2. Cost-Effective 

Contrary to popular belief, designer sunglasses are not a waste of money despite their high price tags. Investing in them can allow you to save money in the long term. 


A large part of sunglasses being a good investment has to do with them being constructed with high-quality metals and plastics such as titanium, zyl, and nylon.  


3. Unlimited Options

Designers play around with fashion and that's seen in the number of sunglasses that are available. There is truly a style for everyone and to fit every need even if you're shopping for someone who requires prescription sunglasses. Shop around at Langley Optometry where you can find different brands including Calvin Klein, Nine West, Ray-Ban, and Lacoste. The options are limitless compared to the usual department store.


4. Good for All Four Seasons 

Sunglasses are needed whenever the sun is out, not only during the summer. In fact, UV exposure becomes twice the amount with surfaces that are bright white like snow.  Frames can help limit the exposure and can be helpful when worn daily either on the beach, while skiing, or when driving. If you have a friend or family member who enjoys outdoor activities, sunglasses might be a perfect gift.


5. Jewelry Alternative

Jewelry is popular to give to your loved ones but it is also a big commitment and signifies something serious. Sunglasses, however, are more of a fun way to show your affection and signifies that you care while also knowing their personality. If someone tends to accessorize with a jewelry piece, they will most likely enjoy sunglasses as well.


If you're not ready to gift jewelry but still want them to have a symbol of your appreciation, then designer sunglasses are a great alternative. 


6. Always En Vogue 

One thing about fashion is that trends repeat themselves. Retro is always coming back in style and new designs are inspired by them. Designer sunglasses typically do not go out of style and are a great timeless piece to add to anyone's wardrobe. Need ideas for classic styles? Ray-Ban, an iconic brand founded in 1973, is a prime example of creating pieces that are continuing to conquer the eyewear industry. Talk to one of our experts about other trendy timeless brands. 


7. Fashion Statement

Lastly, designer sunglasses are a fashion statement. Whether the style is bold, dainty, chic, athletic, or goth, it will grab people's attention and spark conversation. Every outfit can benefit from a pair of high fashion sunglasses. Some favourite signature pieces are cat-eye frames and oversized round glasses. The idea is to accent the style of clothing an individual is already wearing to complete a final look. It can also be used to bring out someone’s personality.


Choose a Pair of Sunglasses

No matter the occasion, designer sunglasses are the gift that keeps on giving. If you’re looking for a unique gift that will surprise someone just how much you know them, try prescription sunglasses! When you're ready to start looking, review the extensive amount of designer sunglasses for the perfect frames at Langley Optometry.


Schedule your appointment today to meet with one of our experienced optometrists so we can help make it happen!


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