The Science Behind Vision - Understanding Why You Might Have to Buy Eyeglasses in Langley One Day

Your parents might have glasses, or no one in your family needs them. So, when the eye doctor tells you that you need eyeglasses, you might wonder what makes you so unique. The human eye is a remarkable structure full of intricacies and complexities. In many ways, it compares well to a camera, using a lens that allows light to enter, focus, and then features a light-sensitive membrane in the back.

The Science is Fascinating, but So are the Eyeglasses that Help You See Even Better

While the science behind your vision is amazing – and sometimes hard to believe – it is essential that you use your vision’s full potential. If you notice squinting when you try to read near or far, it might be time for a quick eye exam and possibly being fitted for eyeglasses.

The team at Langley Optometry can help find the stylish pair of eyeglasses you need to explore the world the way science intended.

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