Five Smart Ways to Clean Your Eyeglasses

People all over the world wear glasses. But not everyone is keeping their spectacles clean. Experts estimate that 80% of peoples' glasses remain dirty.


If it's time to give your eyeglasses and frames a cleaning, make sure you do it right. 


What are the dos and don'ts of cleaning your eyeglasses? We've broken down five of the best ways to keep your frames and lenses as clean as can be. Let's explore.


1. Wash Your Hands First

Before you begin to clean your eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, wash your hands.


This is a crucial step that many people forget. Your hands collect dirt and grease from touching various items during the day. These substances can easily get transferred to your glasses and prevent a thorough lens cleaning.


To avoid this, wash your hands with soapy water before touching your eyeglasses. Use a non-moisturizing soap or a mild dishwashing liquid. 


2. Rinse with Lukewarm Water

When cleaning your frames and eyeglasses, stick with lukewarm tap water. Extremely cold or hot water can damage your lens’s coating or warp the lenses.


Rinse the glasses in lukewarm water before wiping them with anything. The water will wash away any particles sticking to your lenses. Skipping the rinse could lead to scratches on your eyeglasses.


3. Use Liquid Soap

Many people are unsure of what to use to clean their lenses. Just rinsing with water won't eliminate stains and grease. But substances like window-cleaners and dishwashing detergent are tough and can corrode your lenses.


Instead, stick with a mild liquid soap. Ensure the soap does not have any added moisturizers in it, as that can cloud the lenses. Simple hand soap will do the trick.


Place a small droplet of the liquid on your lens. Gently rub the soap around, remembering to clean the edges where dirt can accumulate. Rinse with lukewarm water.


4. Dry with a Microfiber Cloth

While it's easy to give your glasses a quick wipe with your shirt, it's not safe for your lenses. Your clothes are covered in dust particles that can scratch your spectacles.


To prevent damage, trade the t-shirt for a small microfiber cloth.


Once the lenses have been thoroughly rinsed, wipe them using a microfiber cloth. Microfiber is soft and safe to use on lenses. The material will dry them without smearing or scratching the lenses.


5. Cleaning Your Frames

Dirt, grime, grease, and other germs gather on your glasses. Wiping them down every few weeks can keep you healthy.


The best way to clean your frames is with liquid soap and warm water. If the nose pads of your frame need extra help, you can use isopropyl alcohol with a Q-tip to give them a deeper clean. Never use alcohol on your frames as it can damage the finish on some of the frame materials.


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When it comes to cleaning your eyeglasses, knowing what to do (and what not to do) makes a big difference. Protect your eyeglasses and ensure crystal-clear vision by following our guide to safely cleaning your lenses and frames.


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