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Indulge in the perfect blend of fashion and functionality with Langley Optometry's stylish prescription sunglass collection. Whether unwinding by the beach or strolling through bustling streets, our extensive range of premium eyewear is tailored to elevate your visual experience. Say goodbye to cumbersome clip-ons and the compromise between eye protection and clear vision; our prescription sunglasses seamlessly integrate your corrective prescription into the lenses, offering unparalleled clarity, optimal eye safety, and effective glare reduction.

You will no longer need to sacrifice style for visual acuity or settle for traditional frames instead of proper sun protection. Even on cloudless days, your eyes deserve the comfort of prescription sunglasses. Our broad selection of designer frames allows you to express your unique style and personal aesthetic effortlessly. From classic elegance to contemporary trends, find the perfect pair that complements your individuality. Embrace the confidence of knowing that your sunglasses discreetly correct your vision, leaving others none the wiser.

At Langley Optometry we carry: 

  • Sunglasses

  • Designer sunglasses

  • Prescription sunglasses

  • Prescription designer sunglasses


Don't let the sun dictate your eyewear choices any longer. Step into a world where style and functionality intertwine seamlessly—explore Langley Optometry's prescription sunglasses today and rediscover the joy of seeing clearly under the sun.


Prescription sunglasses are more than just a stylish accessory. They offer a range of advantages designed to enhance your visual experience under the sun. Beyond the obvious perk of looking fashionable while seeing clearly, here are a few key benefits to consider:

  • Available in Various Options
    Available in various shapes, sizes and styles, prescription sunglasses are a popular choice.

  •  Protection from UV Rays
    These sunglasses offer protection from harmful UV rays and the discomfort caused by dust, dirt and wind.

  • Protection from Glare
    Driving under the sun’s glare can be uncomfortable and can weaken your vision of the road. A pair of prescription sunglasses is the solution to this problem.

  • Looks On Point
    These sunglasses are made for you, as per your style and frame choice. Accentuate your facial aesthetics by choosing the right size and shape of sunglasses. 

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A pair of prescription sunglasses can be an elegant, efficient accessory.

Sunglasses are attractive to the casual wearer, to look stylish and confident, and also to the active wearer, from the daily driver who needs a reliable pair of sunglasses on sunny days to the cyclist who needs perfect vision at top speed in challenging conditions. 

You may even want stylish sunglasses when you’re in the passenger seat and need to protect your eyes from too much wind, or when you’re walking on the street and don’t want anyone looking in your eyes. 

There are myriads of reasons to prefer prescription sunglasses over alternatives.

If you need a prescription, you'll find plenty of options at Langley Optometry Clinic that make choosing and wearing them worthwhile. 



Contact Langley Optometry Clinic today for prescription sunglasses in Langley. We also offer glasses, frames and contact lenses. You can browse through our eyewear products or fill out our online form for questions.

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Finding the Right Prescription Sunglasses

You should feel as comfortable shopping for prescription sunglasses as you would ordering a new pair of eyeglasses. Prescription shades are quite popular and come in nearly endless styles and brands. Whether you have a visual impairment or not, once you own a pair of prescription sunglasses, you'll wonder how you ever lived without them!

Buying a pair of prescription sunglasses is as easy as buying a pair of eyeglasses, with the added steps of deciding whether you want polarization, and what kind of tint you want in your lenses. If you've purchased eyeglasses and sunglasses separately, you already know all of the steps, and you'll simply combine them. If you already have a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses frames you love, it's likely we can add prescription sunglass lenses to them, or you can order a new pair of those same frames with prescription sunglass lenses. But first, come to Langley Optometry Clinic and feast your eyes on our prescription designer sunglasses.

The Process for Buying Prescription Sunglasses

  • Select a Frame

  • Choose a Lens Type

  • Select a Lens Material and Color

  • Add Your Prescription

  • Direct Billing available for Those that Qualify

  • Insurance Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions

Can any sunglasses be made into prescription sunglasses?

Most, not all, modern sunglasses can be made with prescription lenses. Your best option for finding your favourite sunglasses in prescription-ready form is to come to Langley Optometry Clinic and look at our vast selection. We offer hundreds of prescription sunglasses as well as prescription designer sunglasses from the biggest eyewear designers.


Can I update my favourite sunglasses with a new prescription?

Yes, Langley Optometry Clinic is able to fit most modern sunglasses with prescription sunglass lenses. To order prescription lenses for your sunglasses, speak with one of our trained opticians, and we’ll guide you through each step of getting prescription sunglass lenses made to fit your favourite sunglass frames.


How do I know which prescription to get?

The prescription is the same as for regular prescription glasses. Also, the frame size measurements for prescription sunglasses are the same as for regular prescription glasses or conventional sunglasses. Most sunglasses or eyeglasses include measurements printed on the frame. If you have an existing pair of glasses that fit well, you can use the measurements on them to find the same frame size for your prescription sunglasses.


Why do I need prescription sunglasses?

They are especially useful if you have trouble seeing objects from afar and you're walking outdoors or driving on a sunny day. They eliminate glare and the need for squinting in bright conditions, otherwise, your vision would be reduced and would cause eye strain. Prescription sunglasses can block 100% of the sun's UV rays, protecting your eyes from potential cataracts and other damaging effects of those rays.


Moreover, many prescription sunglasses are available with polarized lenses, which greatly reduce glare and improve visual clarity. Another reason might be that you’re paranoid about not having a backup pair. It’s hard to understand how crucial a backup pair is until you need it, especially during vacations and important events.


What type of lenses can I get in sunglasses?

Prescription sunglasses are made in the same way eyeglasses are made, with the additional step of adding a tinted lens and possibly a polarized coating. Prescription sunglasses can be as dark or light as the darkest or lightest lenses offered.


Prescription sunglasses that are also polarized are common. On polarized sunglasses, the filter creates vertical openings for light, so that only light rays that approach your eyes vertically can go through those openings, and all the horizontal light waves are blocked which reduces horizontal glare.

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