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High-Quality Prescription Safety Glasses in Langley

Do you need to wear safety glasses to perform your job? Langley Optometry Clinic has been trusted by Langley locals and beyond for decades. We have spent countless hours training and ensuring our safety knowledge is best in class and are ready and able to provide great customer service and high-quality safety eyewear products. 

In accordance with Eyesafe BC, our provincial safety eyewear program, you may have coverage – our team at Langley Optometry can coordinate the billing and production of your new safety eyewear!

Prescription Safety Glasses: What Are They?

Non-prescription and prescription lenses are available in safety glasses. Non-prescription safety glasses, often known as "Plano" lenses, are designed to be used by people who do not require glasses to address vision impairments. When visual safety is an issue, prescription safety glasses are worn instead of the person's usual glasses. The prescription lenses are created to the individual's specifications, as specified by their eye care specialist. Wear-over safety glasses or goggles are a non-prescription alternative to prescription safety glasses. Certain forms of safety eyewear are worn over the person's ordinary corrective eyeglasses.

What Can Our Prescription Safety Glasses Provide?

Unlike regular eyewear, safety glasses must meet a higher impact resistance standard. Both the lenses and the frames must meet this impact resistance criterion. Safety glasses are resistant to high impact and provide a level of resilience that makes them suitable for use on construction sites, in-home workshops, and other situations where hazardous debris may be present. These glasses eliminate the need for you to wear your regular frames and extend the life of your current glasses.

When Do You Need to Wear Prescription Safety Glasses?

Suppose you want to wear your safety goggles and require glasses to see. In that case, you should consider getting prescription goggles, which are designed to allow you to see while also providing safety protection.

People who need prescription lenses to see are the ones who are most inclined to skip wearing safety glasses. This is because wearing your ordinary safety goggles or masks over your prescription eyeglasses is difficult and doing anything without your glasses is impossible because you can't see clearly or do anything safely.

Contact Langley Optometry Clinic Today!

One of the biggest challenges that people with glasses face is wearing safety glasses. Often people wear it over their prescription glasses to easily participate in sports, work or other things. This can be uncomfortable, but you don't have to worry about it with Langley Optometry Clinics’ prescription safety glasses. Reach out to our team and get your own. 

Prescription Safety Glasses

Protect your eyes while working or playing sports with our prescription safety glasses in Langley.

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