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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Langley

Get an eye exam in Langley from our experienced team of optometrists. You can count on us for thorough eye examinations. We use the right technique and equipment to assess the health of your eyes. You can depend on us for a range of eye care services such as:


What to Expect During Eye Exams with Our Optometrist

Are you concerned about your eye health? Do you want to enjoy excellent eyesight for many years to come? If so, you need to prevent eye problems before they start. When you visit us for an eye exam in Langley, we'll assess your eye health to evaluate your eyes and determine the best type of treatment for you.  
At Langley Optometry Clinic, our friendly optometrists will carefully perform your eye examination. We identify a wide range of eye diseases and disorders. Early detection is crucial, so make sure you schedule routine eye exams.  
These tests determine how good your eyesight is and whether you require corrective lenses. This information helps us determine what kind of treatment best fits your needs. Please keep in mind that vision screenings, like those done at driver's licence registries and by your family doctor, should not take the place of an in-depth eye exam. Those short screenings usually only test for blurred vision, muscle coordination and common diseases. A comprehensive eye exam with an optometrist investigates every aspect of your eyes’ health. 
As you get older, it’s best not to skip your annual eye exams. Certain eye diseases and disorders only develop as you get older. Eye exams also provide valuable signals to your doctor about the state of your overall health. Eye exams reveal the subtle early symptoms of mental illnesses, brain tumours, aneurysms, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, and Vitamin A deficiencies. 

What to Expect During An Eye Exam? 

Annual eye exams are a critical part of maintaining your eyesight. Visit our clinic when it's time for your eye exam, as we are easily accessible for Langley and Surrey residents. In about a half-hour, your optometrist checks for:

  • Visual acuity and prescriptions
  • Binocular function and depth perception
  • Eye health—including checking for:
    • Cataracts
    • Glaucoma damage
    • Retinal problems such as macular degeneration
    • Allergies 
Eye checkup

Follow-Up Eye Examinations at Langley Optometry Clinic

Our optometrists cater to each follow-up examination according to a patient’s age and individual needs. We recommend people under 19 and over 65 years of age to have a yearly eye examination. People between the ages of 19 and 65 should have an eye exam at least once every two years. 


Who Needs a Follow-Up Eye Exam? 

People who require a follow-up evaluation include patients being treated for: 

  • Cataract
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular degeneration
  • Diabetic and hypertensive retinopathy 
  • Dry-eye syndrome (determined by the severity and complications) 
  • Other retinal and ocular pathological conditions 

Some patients suffering acute problems such as recurring conjunctivitis, iritis, blepharitis, episcleritis, chalazion, trichiasis, and hordeolum may require follow-up examinations depending on the severity. 
It is important to note that
diabetics should have a yearly examination to monitor for complications of diabetes, such as diabetic retinopathy. Contact Langley Optometry Clinic today to make an appointment or learn how often one should have a follow-up eye exam.  

Eye Checkup

Pre and Post-Operative Care 

Our optometrists offer pre and post-operative evaluations for people who have had corrective refractive eye surgery. We also provide our patients with follow-up examinations for post-cataract surgeries. 


Schedule Your Appointment Today

At Langley Optometry Clinic, we’ve been treating Surrey and Langley-based patients for more than 30 years. Our optometrists treat a wide range of eye ailments, from allergic reactions to inflammations to infections. For more severe eyesight problems, we can provide post-operative care. We also offer the following products:  

Before your appointment, please fill out our pre-examination form, and you can check to see if your extended benefits cover your examination. At the time of your appointment, please remember to bring your BC CareCard. 


Thorough Eye Exam in Langley

We can perform complete eye exams in Langley to accurately identify and diagnose all kinds of visual faults.

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