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Our team is ready to help you with all your reading glasses needs at Langley Optometry!

Our practice provides comprehensive eye exams to diagnose eye diseases or disorders that may develop with age, including presbyopia. This common vision condition, which commonly affects people beginning in their early or mid-forties, makes it difficult to focus on close-up tasks such as reading, knitting, or using a mobile phone.

Our optometrist will perform an eye exam to test your near vision and recommend the perfect reading glasses to suit your needs. We understand the importance of having reading glasses that not only correct your vision but complement your personal style.  Our reading glasses are designed with superior scratch resistance and clarity and come in the latest fashion trend and styles.

Choose the Right Reading Glasses

When you reach your 40s or 50s, you may struggle with close-up tasks like reading or working on the computer. It's a normal part of aging and nothing to be worried about, but you will need reading glasses to help you out.


Before you rush to your local drugstore and grab the first pair of readers you see, it's important to ensure you get the right power or strength to match your eyesight.

Choosing the wrong magnification can result in headaches, eyestrain, and even blurry vision.

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Reading Glasses Strength

The power of reading glasses is measured in diopters, ranging from +0.25 to +2.75 diopters. That's a lot of variabilities, so it's essential to make sure you know the correct magnification for your eyes. If your reading glasses' lens power exceeds +2.75 diopters, they will need to be custom-made, as they won't be readily available in stores.


The best way to find the proper reading glasses is to get an eye exam from an optometrist. They will be able to measure the strength of your eyes and help you choose the right pair of glasses.


At Langley Optometry, we offer a wide selection of stylish and high-quality reading glasses at affordable prices. Our experienced team is ready to help you find the perfect pair of glasses to suit your needs!

Custom Prescriptions vs. Ready to Wear Readers

Reading glasses can be custom-made after getting examined by an optometrist, also called prescription glasses. The ready-to-wear readers are less expensive comparatively because they are made essentially "one-size-fits-all" with equal power in both lenses.

Here are a few benefits you will enjoy with custom-made reading glasses:

  • Perfect fit: Custom-made reading glasses are made to fit your face and head perfectly, giving you a comfortable fit that stays in place. This means no more slipping or sliding, making it easier to perform closer work with ease.

  • Accurate power: Custom-made reading glasses have the correct power to match your eyesight, which helps to reduce the risk of headaches, eye strain, and unfocused vision.

  • Style and design: Custom-made reading glasses come in a wide range of styles, colours, and designs, allowing you to choose the perfect pair to match your style.

  • High-quality lenses: Custom-made reading glasses use high-quality lenses made from materials like polycarbonate or trivex, which offer improved clarity, scratch resistance, and durability.

  • Durable: Custom-made reading glasses are made from high-quality materials, which makes them more durable and long-lasting than off-the-shelf reading glasses.

Reading glasses need to be changed approximately every 2-3 years, and thus changes in your eyewear are necessary to maintain clear vision. Regularly seeing your optometrist should a part of your ongoing health and wellness journey!

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The Difference Between Presbyopia and Hyperopia

Farsightedness or hyperopia is often confused with presbyopia or nearsightedness. Although the conditions produce similar symptoms, their causes and treatments are different. The common symptoms may include difficulty reading materials up close, blurred vision, eye strain and, in some cases, headaches.

  • Hyperopia: Hyperopia or farsightedness is a state in which an individual can see far-off objects clearly but find it difficult to focus on nearby things. This condition is caused when the eyeball is shorter than standard or when the cornea is not curved enough to refract the light properly through the eyes. In less severe conditions, reading glasses can be used, though, with age, a person needs prescription glasses. This eye health condition can affect children below 2 years.

  • Presbyopia:  Presbyopia is caused by the hardening of the lenses with age. With the gradual loss of flexibility, the lenses have trouble focusing light within your eye and face difficulty reading books and focusing on nearby objects. The symptoms usually are noticed at the age of around 40.

Schedule an eye exam to get a check-up with an optometrist who can properly diagnose your eyesight and recommend the best pair of glasses to meet your needs. Comfort and style can go hand in hand with excellent eye care!



Visit the team at Langley Optometry to browse our selection of glasses!

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