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Pre-Op and Post-Operative Eye Exams in Langley

Our optometrists offer pre and post-operative evaluations for people who have had corrective refractive eye surgery. We also provide our patients with follow-up examinations for post-cataract surgeries. 

As a patient waiting to get surgery or healing after eye surgery, you expect and deserve to receive personalized diagnostics and care throughout your eye treatment journey. The right pre-operative and post-operative eye care are as important for the success of your eye surgery as it is to ensure your confidence and peace of mind.

In order to ensure the best care before and after your eye surgery, it’s important for your optometrist and your surgeon to evaluate your eyes in a very detailed manner. For this reason, you can depend on our facility and experienced team to provide accurate results in your pre-operative eye exams as well as post-op eye exams. In case you want want to connect with us for more information, please book your consultation with our optometrist. Also, check out our FAQs to find answers to some common questions patients ask us.

How Our Optometrists Play an Important Part in Your Eye Treatment

Even though we don’t perform major eye surgeries and procedures at Langley Optometry Clinic in Langley, our talented and versatile optometrists remain an integral part of your eye care journey and eyecare team.

Laser refractive surgery can correct most prescriptions, including myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. It works best for people under 45 years of age, as we often need reading glasses (presbyopia) when we reach our forties and single-vision laser correction does not correct for this. However, there is now a presbyopic laser treatment that may aid near and distance vision correction.

With the patient’s permission, our optometrists can provide instructions and suggest pre-op eye exams, and post-op eye exams ensure the best eye health, care, and recovery for you. We can also coordinate with your surgeon based on our records about your eye health history and diagnostic images and collaboratively chart the most successful path towards your eye health and clear vision.

Thorough Eye Care: Pre- and Post-Operative Eye Exams

As your primary eye care team at Langley Optometry Clinic, our optometrists ensure timely and detailed pre- and post-operative examinations ( fill out the form here) for patients preparing for or recovering from eye surgery. We welcome patients who have had corrective refractive eye surgery and perform follow-up evaluations for post-cataract surgeries. We stand by you, from diagnosing your eye ailment or evaluating your eligibility for eye surgery to scheduling necessary eye exams to see you through your healing process after the surgery is done. We deem it our duty to provide complete information and accurate instructions at every step.

Pre-operative Eye Exams

Our optometrists conduct pre-operative examinations to confirm your candidacy and provide medical clearance for eye surgeries, such as laser eye surgery and cataract removal. In this mandatory comprehensive eye exam, you will undergo diagnostic procedures and evaluations depending on your eye concerns. 

During the pre-surgery eye assessment, your optometrist will discuss the condition of your eyes and the history of your overall health. The following steps are corneal mapping and vision measurement; the details obtained are recorded. The doctor will check your corneas, tear film, retinas, lenses, and optic nerves. It helps rule out eye diseases, which tell if your eyes are healthy for refractive surgery. 

The doctor will further assess the stability of your corneas and the pressure inside your eyes. Optical biometry and/or ultrasound can be performed to measure eye length when required.

Post-operative Eye Exams

Alongside medication and detailed eye care instructions, post-operative eye exams are mandatory to track and ensure proper recovery of your eyes and provide the best eye care advice to the patient. The first post-surgery exam a patient undergoes in their recovery phase is the one-day exam which primarily confirms that the surgery was performed well. It also allows the patient to understand their post-op care responsibilities and get answers to their doubts. 

Every patient must undergo another round of examinations between 7 to 14 days after each eye surgery. The exam tells if the incision has healed enough to stop the antibiotics. The optometrist will also monitor the refractive state and check for the signs of endophthalmitis that might set in during this period.

The final evaluation performed three to six weeks after surgery is the one-month exam. Your evaluation visit will include a dilated fundus exam to confirm that the patient is stable and has healed well and final postoperative refraction. The exams are followed by the optometrist writing you a prescription for refractive error complaints. Once everything shows favourable outcomes, the optometrist will help you transition to your regular eye care schedule.

Pre- and Post-operative Eye Exams

Prepare for a successful surgery and quick healing with our pre-op eye exams and post-op eye exams.

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