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No need to constantly switch between reading glasses and distance glasses anymore! With our high-quality progressive glasses, you can have both benefits in a single pair.

Langley Optometry Clinic is your one-stop shop for premium and affordable eyeglasses, frames, and progressive lenses. We have an extensive collection of frames for men and women of all ages and all budgets at our store and clinic in Langley. We can also help you with comprehensive eye exams and glass fitting and design so that you leave us looking and seeing better than ever! If you’re having trouble with your eyesight or need to replace your old glasses with a modern progressive pair, please contact us to schedule an appointment with our eye doctors today!

What Are Progressive Glasses?

Progressive glasses are no-line multifocal lenses that offer up to three viewing areas. You can see up close and far away with just that one pair of progressive glasses customized for near, mid and distance vision. Progressive lenses are engineered to allow multiple fields of vision without any visible glass line, which bifocal or multifocal lenses are known for.

Who Are They Right For?

Progressive lenses are a great option if you’re both nearsighted and farsighted. They’re typically common for people over 40 who have presbyopia or farsightedness, which means their vision blurs, and they cannot focus on nearby objects. Children could sometimes be prescribed progressive glasses to prevent increasing myopia or nearsightedness.


It is usual for your vision to change as you age. We recommend scheduling regular eye examinations to maintain your ocular health.

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How Do Progressive Lenses Work?

Progressive lenses have different vision strengths built into the same lens. They let you see clearly at three different distances thanks to high-tech craftsmanship.


Looking through the bottom of the lens helps you see things close up, and you see far away clearly if you look through the top.


The middle section is for intermediate distances and makes switching your focus between closer and farther objects feel more natural than ever. This is particularly helpful when you’re walking or driving.


Give us a call if you have any questions or concerns about progressive glasses. We are always happy to offer safe and friendly services to help you see and feel your best!

The Advantages of Using Progressive Glasses

Besides correcting nearsightedness and farsightedness, progressive lenses also help correct astigmatism. Astigmatism is a vision condition that occurs when light doesn’t focus evenly on the retina due to an irregularly shaped cornea. Some other advantages of using a progressive lens include:

  • A single pair of glasses for all distances.
    Progressive lenses are better than single-vision lenses because they allow them to see clearly at different distances in one pair of glasses. It does the job of single-vision and reading glasses, so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of carrying two teams.

  • No unsightly bifocal line.
    Progressive lenses have a seamless look and offer all the benefits of a multifocal lens without any visible lines. Since there’s a gradual shift in lens strength with a progressive lens, there is no need to deal with sudden changes in clarity, which can be common with multifocal lines.

  • Modern and stylish appearance
    Bifocal and trifocal eyeglasses are commonly associated with old age. Progressive lenses set perfectly in a modern and stylish pair of frames make you feel and look more comfortable while helping you see clearly.

Get in touch to book an optometry appointment with our experts at Langley Optometry Clinic right away!


Look to Langley Optometry Clinic for practical and stylish progressive lenses.


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