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The Science Behind Blue Light Glasses

Are you trying to improve your productivity? Do you find it hard to fall asleep at night? You might need blue light glasses! Learn all about the science behind blue light glasses and how they can improve your daily life, from fewer headaches and eye soreness to better sleep.

What Are Blue Light Glasses?

Blue light protective lenses can be used in a prescription or non-prescription pair of glasses. They block the blue light coming out of frequently used devices, like computers, phones, tablets, and tv screens.

An increase in screen use during the pandemic has caused many people to have eye fatigue at the end of the day. Blue light glasses can combat this.

Blue Light and Sleep

Blue light can trick your body into thinking that it's still daytime, even if it's late in the evening and the sun has gone down.

Our bodies naturally produce a hormone called melatonin. You may recognize melatonin, as it's also sold as a natural sleep aid.

We produce melatonin in conjunction with the sun to prepare for sleep in the evening and wind down the body.

Some people have trouble producing melatonin or take a melatonin supplement to help them fall asleep. You may notice that it's harder for you to fall asleep if you stay up late watching TV. This could be because the blue light of the device tells your body to stop producing melatonin.

A 2017 study found that wearing blue light glasses increased sleep quality in participants. Getting the right amount of sleep is beneficial for the entire body, from memory to productivity and general health.

Other studies have also shown the positive effects of wearing blue-light-blocking glasses before bedtime.

Are Blue Light Glasses For Me?

If you spend a few hours on a computer each day or binge-watch Netflix at night, you should look into getting some blue light glasses. Don't waste your time searching "blue light glasses Langley" or "eyeglasses Langley," just come see us!

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