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Industries That Require Safety Glasses in BC

Over 700 people per year suffer workplace eye injuries in Canada.

It may not sound like that many eye injuries in total, but it's enough to know that eye safety should be a priority in certain industries. Ignoring eye safety can have dire consequences, not just for workers' eyes but for their ability to do their tasks safely in general.

Today, we're going to discuss some of the industries that require CSA-approved safety glasses in British Columbia. These glasses help protect workers' eyes from everything from UV rays and chemicals to flying objects. Keep reading and learn how they can help in your specific industry.

Safety glasses that help to protect workers’ eyes


Construction can be extremely dangerous, so workers should always have the right protective equipment. They're surrounded by a variety of dangerous objects, not to mention the airborne irritants that could affect workers' vision.

In addition, many construction sites are outdoors, so you may also have the sun to contend with. If a worker is blinded by the sun, extremely dangerous things can happen, so tinted safety glasses are highly recommended, which you can order through us at Langley Optometry. 


The manufacturing industry has always been dangerous. In 2021 alone, there were 19,000 time-loss injuries in British Columbia's manufacturing industry.

Depending on the type of manufacturing plant you run, your workers may interact with heavy machinery, chemicals, or both. Whether you've got sanding and grinding machines or an assembly line, workers need their eyes protected with clear safety glasses.

Hazardous materials pose a major risk as well, if materials get in a worker's eyes, the consequences could be long-term eye damage.


Welding produces sparks, which pose an obvious danger to a worker's eyesight. Beyond that, however, you're dealing with a lot of invisible light - ultraviolet and infrared radiation. You can't see these types of radiation, but they can damage eyes all the same.

For that reason, welders need to be wearing tinted safety glasses. The glasses themselves will protect the worker from visible light, but the tint is what protects them from UV and IR radiation.

Auto Repair

There are always a lot of moving parts with auto repair. A lot of mechanics tend to eschew the rules because it's tricky to regulate the auto repair industry. If you want to keep your employees safe, however, you'll make them wear their safety glasses.

The biggest risks for auto mechanics are objects and particles that can fly up or down from the car. Small bits of plastic, glass, metal, and dust are enough to require emergency eye care. While we are open and available for eye emergencies at Langley Optometry, prevention is the best first line of care.

Get Your CSA-Approved Safety Glasses Today

If you operate in any of these industries, there's a good chance you're required to give your employees CSA-approved safety glasses. It's not worth risking your employees' health or the massive fines you'll incur to avoid using safety glasses.

Workers who wear corrective lenses might find it difficult to wear safety glasses. At Langley Optometry, we solve this problem by offering prescription safety glasses. Contact us today to reach out and purchase your pair.

Langley Optometry is a proud member of the EyeSafe program of BC Doctors of Optometry.

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