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Are you a good candidate for vision-correcting surgery? Laser eye surgery has become very popular in the past 15 years and offers many advantages to patients with impaired vision.

Laser refractive surgery can now correct most prescriptions, including myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), and astigmatism. It works best for people under the age of 45, as we often need reading glasses (presbyopia) when we reach our forties and single-vision laser correction does not correct for this as well. However, monovision laser treatment that may aid the correction of near and distance vision. Because of its individualized nature, the procedure will vary for each patient so it is best to discuss it with your Langley Optometry Clinic optometrist to maintain your eye health. Criteria to be considered a good candidate for laser vision correction include: Being over the age of 18 years old;

  • Having a stable visual prescription for the past 2 years;

  • Not being pregnant or breast feeding;

  • Not having any existing eye injuries or eye diseases; and

  • Having a prescription that is in a correctable range

For those who are good candidates for laser eye surgery, there are a number of benefits including:

  • Immediate vision improvement: one of the most remarkable benefits offered by the laser eye surgery procedure – it’s safe, and gets completed within 10 to 15 minutes

  • Freedom from contact lenses and eyeglasses - patients are immediately free from the daily hassles and expenses of contact lenses and glasses with their new, incredibly clear vision

  • Enjoy life: broadened recreational activities such as skydiving, cycling, and swimming; gain confidence in social situations; and tackle more challenging career opportunities that individuals wearing contact lenses and eyeglasses cannot perform

The day after laser eye surgery you’ll notice a lack of crispness and some halo and glare that last generally for a short period of time. Your vision should be relatively stable by one month after surgery. You can have dryness for the first year but that usually recovers within a year. All surgical procedures can involve risk of unsuccessful results, complications or infection however laser eye surgery complications are rare, are treatable, and occur only one percent of the time. If you have questions about laser eye surgery or to schedule an eye exam, contact the Langley Optometry Clinic at 604-534-4312 today and ask us about our package deals on glasses and our senior and student discounts.


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