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Making Eye Exams Fun for the Whole Family

If your little one hasn't had a vision exam, it may be time to schedule one now! Langley Optometry specializes in providing a welcoming atmosphere for the whole family.

Eye exams are a vital part of your health care. Many people put off their eye examinations until they begin experiencing issues, however, the best time to start seeing an optometrist is before issues begin to form.

Kid with glasses making a funny face

Eye exams aren't something to dread. Langley Optometry specializes in education from an early age to help children not fear their yearly examinations. Make it a fun affair for the entire family!

How to Make it More Fun!

Start your little ones off right by making routine appointments something to look forward to. Langley Optometry believes in making eye examinations easy for the whole family.

We encourage you to bring your child with you to your appointments so they can see what it's all about! If they are apprehensive, our team of professionals is ready to make it a fun and unique experience for them.

Here are just a few ideas:

  • Prepare some questions. Always talk to your kids about an appointment well in advance so they know what to expect. You can even let them know that the eye doctor and support staff will be able to answer their questions. Have them think about what they could ask! A few fun examples: Which animal has the best eyesight? What’s your favourite pair of glasses? How big do eyeballs get?

  • Choices. Research shows that giving kids choices in eyewear will encourage them to always wear their glasses properly. Let them try on some different frames in our shop and let them provide you with some feedback about the final choice.

  • Friendly competition. Do they know their ABCs yet? Reading the letters off our chart can be a fun game to let them know that this isn’t a scary doctor’s office. If you’re visiting with more family members, why not make it a challenge!

  • Rewards. Set up a reward system for your child so they have something to look forward to after their examination. It could be a special treat, going to see a movie, or a visit to their favorite store to pick out a new toy or book!

By scheduling your eye appointments as a family, children feel calm and at ease. Kids love feeling involved in activities their parents and/or grandparents participate in, so start them early in taking care of their eye health.

Vision Health is Important Throughout Every Stage of Life

Our skilled team specializes in making you comfortable during your eye examination. You will receive a comprehensive examination to check the health of your eye inside and out.

Pediatric eye examinations should be scheduled early. Unlike adults, children do not understand when they are experiencing vision impairments. Common symptoms of vision difficulty are squinting, poor hand-eye coordination, and eye rubbing.

Because many pediatric eye issues go undetected, they can interfere with a child's ability to learn. You can schedule your child's first optometrist visit as early as six months of age.

What many people don't know is that an annual eye examination can help in the early detection of many diseases. A complete eye exam can detect symptoms of diabetes, MS, and even brain tumors.

Additional Eye Care Services

Along with adult and pediatric eye examinations, Langley Optometry offers diabetic eye examinations. These eye exams specifically for diabetes help monitor the health of your eyes.

Diabetes can cause issues such as cataracts and, in some cases, a more serious condition called diabetic retinopathy. Regular eye exams help protect the health of your eye while dealing with diabetes.

Our office also provides pre- and post-operative eye examinations for those who have corrective eye surgery.

Schedule Your Appointment with Langley Optometry

What makes Langley Optometry unique? Our drive to educate our patients on the importance of eye health. We want to give our patients the information and resources to make informed decisions about their health care.

We want our patients to feel comfortable and welcome during their examinations. Our team strives to make sure every patient, from children to our senior patients, is at ease while they are in our care.

Ready to schedule your family's eye exams? Langley Optometry is ready to welcome you!

Make taking care of your eye health fun for the whole family, and schedule an eye examination with Langley Optometry today!


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